Buying from a company that offers the exact product that you are in search of is a no-brainer. However, what happens when dozens of companies offer the same product? What are the key differentiators that make one company more attractive? What are the added benefits that make one company stand out as a better partner than the others?

At Chief, we not only make superior products, but our partnerships go deeper than just quality and price. Our partners choose Chief for numerous reasons, but seven stand out most prominently. The first three differentiators are core to our business. Therefore, it’s no wonder why these three characteristics make up our tagline – Trusted. Tested. True.

  1. Trust is everything.

Trust is a result of strength in our diversity, the way we build relationships and take care of customers, and how we respect our employees. It’s all we really need to truly thrive. Our customers have put their trust in us as we have consistently delivered on what we have promised.

  1. Products that have been tested over time

Tested speaks to the longevity and strength of the company. Chief has been producing high quality products and services for almost 70 years and standing behind each of our promises.

  1. A company that stays true to putting people first.

Chief provides all stakeholders with the true dignity, respect, and opportunities they deserve and require to be successful.  Chief’s “true” speaks to our authenticity and integrity – doing what we say we will do and treating people with honor.

Chief’s competitive advantage doesn’t stop here. Our team goes further with its offerings and is committed to providing solutions to our customers’ needs.

  1. Family Owned

When working with Chief, it feels more like you are dealing with a family or a friend. Chief promotes personal connections between employees; which leads to everyone working toward the same common goal – providing personal attention to our customers’ needs. Chief is not driven by a bottom line or an external board. Rather, decisions are made that are in the best interest of our stakeholders – internally and externally.

  1. Honesty

Chief keeps our values top of mind and reflects on them in order to guide our decisions and actions. Customers chose to do business with Chief because we follow-through on our commitments and are true to our word.

  1. Growth Oriented

Chief has always stayed committed to our core competencies, which include an entrepreneur spirit and innovation. Chief places an importance on adopting new technologies and cutting edge design to respond to the market needs quickly and provide a superior solution.

  1. Diversification across industries provides stability

The diversification of our 7 brands makes us strong in each of the industries we serve. Chief has great balance and stability no matter the headwinds we face. For our customers, they receive peace of mind knowing that we will be here today and into the future.

The Chief Family of Brands Includes:

Chief Agri


Chief Buildings

Chief Carriers

Chief Construction

Chief Fabrication

Chief Ethanol


When choosing a long-term business partner, choose one that can provide a higher quality of products and services. Chief’s competitive advantages are real and stay true to who we are. Our stakeholders have chosen us because we have proven that we will stand the test of time.


Trusted. Tested. True.