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Are you interested in a welding career? Welders read blueprints, prepare materials, and skillfully create strong joints that hold structures together. Whether it’s constructing a steel building system for a community sports complex or fabricating a custom steel component, welders play a crucial role in modern manufacturing At Chief, we offer a pathway to a rewarding welding career that does not require a formal welding certificate. Our team provides hands-on experience as the key to success. Chief can provide certified welders and non-certified welders a variety of benefits that include:

  • Hands-on learning that spans an entire career. The team will prioritize practical skills by providing valuable on-the-plant floor experience along with mentorships and opportunities for advancement.
  • A community of welders who share the same passion. Chief Industries has multiple divisions and locations that offer welding careers. These team members value craftsmanship, safety, innovation, and collaboration in order to contribute to the overall company’s success.

Are you ready to start your welding career? Explore Chief Industries and discover a world of possibilities. No certificate is required—just a passion for welding and a desire to learn.